Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm in TWO more treasuries!!!!!!!!!! *giddy*

I just got home after a whirlwind day of 8 hrs in the car and several more of wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid dress trying and some good old fashioned family bonding!  (Had a blast today Mom & Sisters!)  Upon checking my email I had two messages that I had been included in two separate treasuries!!!  How exciting!!  :D

Here they are, please check them out, leave a comment and spread the word.  How terrific if one of these made it to the FRONT PAGE!!!  (hey, a girl can dream) :P

Whimsical Woodland Creatures....


The Colors of Fall

These are the items featured, but please check out the whole collection!  They are splendid!

FYI--  I plan to catch up with my "Baby Steps" tomorrow.  Sorry for the departure.  I ended up not being home each night since the very first post... so I have a few days to catch up on, but I promise I will.  Even if it is not exactly timely... :) 

Tomorrow:  Baby Step #2 (and maybe #3) 

Getting All Sneaky and Stuff


Lu said...

So just FYI, I was at Joann Fabric today and you SO undercut their prices on pretty candles. Make sure to flaunt this hun!

Much Love,

CatchAStar Creations said...

Thank you Lu! I will be sure to do that! :D