Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 3: Back to your stuff

Objective:  Learn the difference between features and benefits and how to use benefits to focus on value only you can provide.

Today we are going to start drilling down into those issues we uncovered on Day 1. Remember so head back here to jolt you're memory.

The baby step today will be more about that stuff you let's get started.

Ok, your stuff is...

Hand made, you put lots of sweat and tears and maybe some blood into making it,
and it is special, not doubt about it.

That specialness is what is going to be THE thing that none of your competition has, it produces benefits for those lucky enough to own it.

Because we are artists, we are going to take a different path here, we're not going to even think about features because features are like leather seats in a car.  We don't have no stinkin' features because all our stuff has benefits!! Pretty radical idea.
  • Features come from saying "wouldn't it be nice if ..." without consideration as to whether the super cool feature added anything to the prospective owner's experience of using it.
  • A benefit is something that happens to or for the person who owns your stuff, it is something  you or your stuff does that no one else does for their owners.


The Bad

  • My photographs are cool to own so you'll be cool if you have one.
  • Your funky knitted wrap is all creative and cool....

Why Bad ?

  • Sure my photos taken with that Holga camera are cool but maybe I'm not going for cool as a benefit.
  • Or that wrap has more to offer than coolness.

The Good

  • My Holga photographs make people think and see something new each time they look at them.
  • Those photos can become a set, a wall collection.
  • That hand knit wrap not only makes buyers feel warm it also lets them feel wild abandonment, joy, and because it specially made a connection with the materials.

Why Good ?

  • The benefit of collectibility give the buyer of the photo permission to own more, and helps them in the design of their house by making rooms interesting.
  • The wrap connects the buyer to the artists intentions as well as evoking other emotions. The fact that it is hand made as well as one of a kind encourages the buyer to feel special and have a creative connection with the artist.


  • go out and figure out at least five, that's five benefits of your stuff; 
  • do the same with yourself because who you are in your business can have as great or greater effect on who will buy your stuff.

Figure Out...

  • Why would somebody want to buy from you?
  • What do you have that can be of benefit to buyers that no one else can offer?

Benefits of my stuff:
  1. brightens your day by adding splashes of color
  2. plays with natural sunlight to enhance the benefit that it offers
  3. each piece is unique.  no one can ever have the exact same one
  4. lends a sense of fantasy, romance, elegance, playfulness, and whimsy
  5. can be custom made for any interests/preferences
Benefits of me:
  1. caring, invested seller.  
  2. always interested in custom orders
  3. continually upgrading, changing, evloving my work
  4. attention to detail
  5. passion for light and color and bringing that joy to others
So, what do we think of THIS?!  :D

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Great post for any business owner! I'll have to take a look at this being the Mompreneur that I am.

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