Monday, April 13, 2009

My First REAL Etsy SALE!!!!!!! *jumping up and down*

Wow, what a feeling! My first real (non-commission, not through a friend or relative, totally random stranger person) SALE! :D SO excited! It was kinda sad that my hubby saw the email first, but whatever, it still counts! :)

Here she is, in all her glory!

Sky Blue Romance Mirrored Mobile:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, now I am stuffed and exhausted. I made my DELICIOUS Strawberry Amaretto cake for the get together with my cousin and his, um, girlfriend? It was a hit! (I plan to post some pics I took probably tomorrow).

And now it is time for bed, at least soonish. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Creative Fun

So, my good friend VivaciousPauliGirl came over last night to get some inspiration and some craft on! We set up her Etsy account, how exciting, and played with beads. I worked on a commission piece that I have promised to GloriousHats ( and am farther along than I was before! I am hoping to get the suncatchers to her so she can welcome spring in fashion!

I am also going to have to get going on another commission work, a mobile for a teacher who will be retiring after 40 years of teaching! How terrific! Now THAT'S dedication! My mother and I made a trip to hobbylobby a couple of weekends ago to find some matierials to work with on that one. We found some great stuff for sure!

Tomorrow is back to work, but with a new desk in a new office! That will be exciting! However, it is never fun to go back on Mondays. :(

Well, I am going to share another piece of past work, just for fun.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I made it to the HandmadeMN Favorites!

A first for me, how exciting! I made an appearance in HandmadeMN's Favorites section, this theme: Yellow. Check it out!


Its finally Saturday, a day full of promise and possibility. I have a good amount of cleaning to do today, I have a fellow crafter coming over tonight for some crafting, camaraderie, and hopefully some inspiration. I have a couple projects to work on (GloriousHats, I WILL get those suncatchers done soon!!) and she is looking for some ideas in a new medium.

So, its me and the cats today and we're gonna get stuff done. I've got Pandora Radio ( as my sound track, its my Scissor Sisters station!! That always helps the motivation. Nothing like a good beat to get you moving!

Just for fun, here is a shot from some of my favorites. I will hopefully soon be adding my photography to my etsy shop. :) Enjoy!