Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 Days of Marketing Baby Steps

Thank you to Artists Center Newsletter for sharing:

7 Days of Marketing Baby Steps

 I have pledged to partake in this (by signing up for the email) and I figured I would share this journey with you as well.  Feel free to follow along with me!  Share your answers if you would like some input! :)

Day 1: Get a handle on your business

Objective: Learn about and ba able to identify what you are selling and where you are positioned in your market.

Knowing what business you are in is critically important to saving you from the card board box under the nearest over pass. A common problem for single person start-ups is to think all they have to do is to gin up a bunch of artsy business cards and maybe do one of those free web site things and they are good to go.

I hate to break your bubble but if you want to support yourself off the stuff you create you need to know a few things.

1. Write down the questions below then write an answer.

  • What do I want to sell?
  • Is it paintings, wearable art, photographs, pots…?
  • Describe what you sell in as much detail as you can.
  • For me, I think: 1.  I want to sell suncatchers, mobiles, window decor that will inspire and incite the imagination.  I want to create things that use sunlight to enhance peoples lives and help to bring joy to each day.  Utilizing colors and light in reflective and prismatic ways.  (I think that's detailed enough...right?)

Next… ask this:

2. Where in the universe of stuff being sold  do I want it to fit?

My stuff is aimed at the buyer who is looking for an accent piece for a window, decor for a bedroom, or garden art.  They should be looking for well crafted items with attention to detail with prices ranging from $10-50.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at who’s trying to steal your buyers and how they are sucking them away from you.

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I am looking forward to what I will figure out for myself and my work! :)

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krex said...

Thanks for sharing this info...I'm not up for baby steps yet....(still crawling on my hands and knees and drooling on myself) but it's good to see what I need to aim for .