Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 4: What Problem Does Your Stuff Solve?

Objective: Identify the key problems your buyers in your market have and how you can provide the solutions that suites both you and them.
Yesterday we talked about benefits and hopefully you could see that all by themselves benefits are meaningless. See, the whole purpose for the existence of benefits is that they solve a problem or problems for someone somewhere sometime.
If those benefits are going to serve any purpose for  you, they have to really solve some problems that either have not been solved before, or they do so in some magical way that that only you can do.
You might be thinking…

Dude! I’m an artist, I don’t solve problems, I just make cool stuff.

Ding wrong !! Your art definitely does solve a problem so here are some problems art solves:


  • Bare walls, room feels cold


  • Painting, fiber hanging or photographs add life to a wall and warmth to room.


  • Cheap dinner wear inherited from garage sale no fun makes eating dreary and discourages lingering and conversation.


  • Custom made pottery that creates conversation and makes dinning fun.


  • No where in yard to sit and contemplate my navel or nature or…


  • Sculpture added to garden creates a quite contemplative space

Ok…got the idea?

Basically, what you are doing, especially since you are creating a solution without a problem, is finding the problem that fits your solution.
Why you say?
Because the rest of the world works by finding a problem and figuring out a solution, but because that doesn’t work for us creative types we have to do it our way.


  • make a list of at least 10 solutions your stuff offers
  • then list the problems needed to solve that solution or solutions.

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